We first built a partner network of goods and services based on Blockchain technologies, fixing relationship advertisers, distributors, buyers, partners and webmasters smart contracts provide guarantees of payments and transparency of the work between all the participants. You can earn an invitation to the network, selling affiliate products, selling products and various company developments and the company’s partners, can just be a passive investor, or to create their own business empire at the expense of the tools and features that you will receive after the purchase contract.

Aggregator partner programs. Blockchain international network of partners and IT developers with payment for the result.

Bria Solutions – Effective Solutions!

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Generating revenue for partners and investors

Combining project participants in a large consumer community. To make the promotion of goods and services available to the public and to ensure receipt of remuneration commensurate with the work of all participants in the ecosystem. For the first time in 300 years it has been possible to restore power “merchant word” now behind you says algorithm, smart contract …

Connectivity Technology Network members is based on Blockchain – technology. All data, referrals, execution efficiency, order services or goods are automated and are regulated smart contracts. We eliminated the complexity in creating and launching Offera (advertising company), we have created a simple and convenient system for the owner of the goods and webmasters literally two clicks. Owner of the goods you need to create an account, choose a service package according to the quantity of goods, fill out a short form with basic information, upload photos, price, description of products and click “Publish Offer» Webmaster registered in the system, select a category, showcase or product with which wishes to work, presses the “Get link”, voila, you can start to promote …


Bria Solutions – Effective Solutions!


business contracts

BRIA Solutions back BONus token

The packages (all business contracts) now includes the refund for the purchase of back-pack bonus BON Stable token. What does this mean and what back-bonuses? Backbon (from back bonus) – this is the standard token on ZRC. Includes support BON token in multikoshelek and exchange platform where you can have a deposit account at the BON tokens). Issue of tokens 100 million without the possibility of release additional tokens. For each purchase contract, you get back-sum bonus, which is equivalent to twice the amount of the package price in USD. Those. PLATINUM if the package costs 500 USD – you get X2 – fireproof buying digital goods and services in BRIA Market 1000 USD! This budget is also applicable to a partial payment of physical goods and packages (business contracts). For instructions on using the budget contact customer support within the cabinet. Course when paying for goods and services 1 BON = 1 USD.